Fish 'n Fins - Prices

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Scuba Diving Rates
Full day diving (2 dives), boat departs 8.30AM $ 130
Full day diving (2 dives) + Chandelier Cave $ 165
Full day diving (2 dives) + snorkelling Jellyfish Lake $ 165
Peleliu diving day (2 dives)* $ 45 extra including permit
Additional 3rd dive* $ 45
Snorkeling / Boat ride (if no partner diving) $ 105
Snorkeling / Boat ride for kids under 12 (if no partner diving) $ 50
Snorkeling / Boat ride (if partner is diving) $ 75
Snorkeling / Boat ride for kids under 12 (if partner is diving) $ 50
Minimum number of people required The above trips include lunch, drinks, tanks, weights, weight belt, boat, guide and transfers between the dive shop and your hotel.

Extras Rates
Additional 3rd dive* $ 45
Jellyfish Lake (Snorkeling)* $ 35
Chandelier Cave* $ 35
Chambered Nautilus Dive $ 75 pp
Peleliu diving day (2 dives)* $ 45 extra including permit
Peleliu diving day (2 dives)* + WW II Land Tour* $ 85 extra including permits
Night Dive (1 tank)* $ 60
15L Tank $ 5 per tank
Minimum number of people required

Photographer's Specials Rates
Chambered Nautilus Dive $ 75 pp
Crocodile Dive $ Call
Chandelier Cave with 1200W HMI Lights $ Call
Prices are additional to a day of diving and require a minimum of 8 divers.

Nitrox & Technical diving Rates
32% FREE
36% $ 13 per tank
40% $ 15.50 per tank
Up to 100% Price upon request
Trimix Price upon request
Sofnolime Price upon request
Double tanks, 1 Deco tank (Deco Gas not included) $ 185
Double tanks, 2 Deco tanks (Deco Gas not included) $ 235

Kayak Trips Rates
Relaxed Trip (Nikko Bay, Bat Cave & The Old Village) $ 95pp ($150 1 person)
Rock Islands Tour (Rock Islands & Mandarin Fish Lake) $ 105pp (min 4 people)
Indiana Jones Trail (Mangroves, Caves, Seaplane & Yapese Stone Money) $ 125pp (min 4 people)
Jungle Book Expedition (Lighthouse, Japanese Fortress, WW II Cannons) $ 105pp (min 4 people)
Full Moon Tour (an excursion under the full moon) $ 195pp (min 2 people)
A Night under the Stars (Ulong Island, Ancient Caves) $ 395pp (min 2 people)

Land Tours Rates
Full day land tour, 1 person $ 150pp
Full day land tour, 2 or more people $ 105pp
Price includes lunch, drinks and guide.

Fishing Trips Rates

29' open boat (max 6 fishermen) bottom fishing, spearfishing and trolling

from $1250
29' cabin boat with fighting chair (max 4 fishermen) deep sea fishing, casting from $1750
Full day of fishing with local guides. Trolling, Spearfishing, casting or bottom fishing are available.

Permits Rates
Permits are not included and must be paid separately
Koror State Permit (with Jellyfish Lake) $100pp valid for 10 days
Koror State Permit (without Jellyfish Lake) $50pp valid for 10 days
Peleliu Diving Permit $20pp valid for 14 days
Ngardmau (Devilfish City) $10pp
Waterfall Entry Fee $10pp
Stone Monoliths Entry Fee $5pp

Rental Gear Rates
Full Package $ 45 per day
The full package consists of BCD, Regulator, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Wetsuit and Dive Computer. Use of a computer is mandatory with this package for safety reasons.
Full Package as above if customer has own dive computer $ 35 per day
BCD + Regulator with gauges $ 24 per day
BCD $ 12 per day
Regulator with gauges $ 12 per day
Mask & Snorkel $ 5 per day
Fins $ 5 per day
Booties $ 5 per day
Wetsuit $ 10 per day
Dive Computer $ 15 per day
Flashlight $ 15 per day
Flashlight price as part of Full Package $ 10 per day

PADI Diving Courses Rates
Discover Scuba Diving (introductory dive with instructor) $ 295
Scuba Diver Price upon request
Open Water Diver Course $ 595
Advanced Open Water Diver Course $ 480
Rescue Diver Course $ 595
EFR (Emergency First Response) Price upon request
Specialties (Deep, Drift, Wreck, Blue Corner etc.) Price upon request
EANx (Nitrox) Speciality $ 295
Dive Master Course Price upon request
Assistant Instructor Course Price upon request
IDC (Instructor Development Course) Price upon request
The course prices are based on up to two participants, however, a discount may be applicable when there are more participants.

Payment methods for Fish ‘n Fins services:
Cash- US$ only
Traveler Checks- $US only
Credit Cards- Major Credit Cards are accepted (3% surcharge for all credit cards. American Express surcharge 3.5%).