Rock Islands Palau

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The sand may brush off • The salt may wash away •
The tans may fade • But, the memories will last forever!

Fish'n Fins Palau

This is Palau

Palau is one of the 3 best Dive Areas in the World

Koror Southern Lagoon - UNESCO World Heritage since 2012

First and most successful SHARK SANCTUARY in the World since 2009

German Channel - the most famous MANTA dive site in the Western Pacific

NO-TAKING zone for commercial fishing over 500,000 square kilometers since 2015

World famous “Rock Islands of Palau”

30+ wrecks from World War II in accessible dive depths

World famous Jellyfish Lake with millions of harmless jellyfish
Dive Palau with Fish'n Fins
Diving Center
Fish'n Fins PADI 5 * IDC diving School and Diving Center. Known for Competence & Quality since 1972
Luxury Liveaboards
Ocean Hunter Fleet offers luxury liveaboards. Best Liveaboard Fleet in Palau since 1994
Hotel & Diving
Fish'n Fins offers the best Hotel & Dive Packages at the BEST PRICE - click for more information
We offer more than just diving. From Off-Road Jungle Tours to SUP Tours, everything for an exciting vacation
Fish'n Fins Palau Event Calendar 2022
Shark Week '23
March 15-22, 2023, our 21st Annual Event for all SHARK Enthusiasts - JOIN US!
Family Week '22
July 2 - July 9, 2023, is Fish 'n Fins Family Week with great discounts and programs for adults and kids
Wrexpedition '22
June 4 - June 11, 2023, our 13th Annual Event for the WRECK AFICIONADO - 15 Dives - 14 Wrecks
Our events are well attended and places are limited, which is why we recommend booking early
Why should you choose Fish'n Fins for your vacation?
The three most important reasons why you should book your diving holiday with Palau expert Fish'n Fins!!!
Best Quality
Fish'n Fins offers state of the art equipment, always up-to-date - for a great diving vacation
Best Price Packages
Fish'n Fins offers Palau's BEST PRICE hotel & diving packages - best price - best value - great diving vacation
In 25 years Fish'n Fins has not canceled a single day of diving due to technical difficulties - we always deliver