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Fish 'n Fins' Aqua Kids Palau - Eco Ranger Program

Fantastic NEWS from the BLUE BLOCK  department 

We have added an amazing BLUE SUPER BLOCK - put 3 BLUE BLOCKS together and be well on the way to earn Palau’s most prestigious AQUA KIDS title ever - the title of  E C O  R A N G E R  PALAU

E C O  R A N G E R S are independent adventurers - explorers who seek the special experience …

Far from their diving parents this elite group works on solutions for the future of our planet. 

Gaining first hand knowledge in multiplying corals, reef ecology & trash recycling E C O  R A N G E R S spend three full days with their instructors, experienced marine biologists to achieve the unthinkable and to finally be awarded with highest honors and the title E C O  R A N G E R 

Regular Blue Blocks: Scuba Diving with Fish ’n Fins at  Palau’s world famous dive sites - click here to see the entire family program

Blue Super Block: 3 Blue Blocks combined to a 3 days kids super adventure and the title Eco Ranger Palau



5-12 YEARS

Blue Block

USD 140.00*

USD 110.00*

Red Block

USD 110.00*

USD 75.00*

Green Block

USD 175.00*

USD 88.00*

Description of the E C O  - R A N G E R  - P A L A U  Program

After meeting at Fish ’n Fins our young E C O  - R A N G E R  - P A L A U apprentices will leave from our pier for a short trip to Dolphin Bay, an eco research center.

Dolphin Bay takes its name from the dolphins, which have been living there for the past 20 years - dolphins rescued from Japanese Taiji and brought to Palau to live free - to the surprise of the Japanese biologist team the dolphins came back after being set free - biologists have even taken the dolphins for long trips and were surprised that the animals would follow the boat out in the sea and back home. The head biologist suggested that the dolphins may enjoy safety and easy meals over exploring the ocean by themselves.

A sign of their content is that they have made babies -  E C O  - R A N G E R S will see adult dolphins and their babies and be able to feed and of course be in photos with them.

Here is our great program in detail …

Day 1 Coral Reef Ecology, Coral Planting & Dolphin Challenge

08:30 Check in of children & boat ride to Dolphin Bay Facility

09:00 Participation in the “Close Encounter Program”*

10:10  About our Ocean and corals - stories, lecture & coral planting

11:30 Lunch - provided by Barracuda Restaurants for booked children

13:00 Watching Dolphin's Show and playing the “Nature Game”**

14:30 Snorkeling

15:30 Back to Fish ’n Fins

Day 2 Recycling Challenge 1, Swimming and Snorkeling

08:30 Children meet at Fish ’n Fins and walk over to Dolphin Pacific

09:00 Tour of Recycling Center in Koror - learning about recycling

11:00 Visit to Long Island Park

11:30 Lunch - provided by Barracuda Restaurants for booked children

13:00 Children & Instructors will “clean the island”  

14:20 Wash the collected trash and recycle the item

14:40 Swimming & Fun at the Long Island Beach

15:30 Back to Fish ’n Fins

Day 3 Recycling Challenge 2, Building photo frame from recycling materials, Ecology, Snorkeling

08:30 Children meet at Fish ’n Fins and walk over to Dolphin Pacific

09:00 Boat Ride to Dolphin Bay Facility

09:15 Recycling program - children produce photo frames from trash

10:30 Break

11:00 Children and instructors will produce an original “Eco Bag” from trash

13:00 Children learn about the ecology of dolphins

13:30 Nature Game**

14:30 Snorkeling

15:30 Back to Fish ’n Fins

*Close Encounter (Definition)

This is one of the programs that Dolphins Pacific offers. The program includes a walking tour around the facility. At the end of the tour each kid will have the opportunity to touch the dolphin, do a handshake and signal the dolphin to jump. All procedures are done from the floating dock.

**Nature Game (Definition)

Together we will have fun and learn at the same time. We will teach about the environment, ocean and reef, how dolphins catch their fish and more ... 

Days of Tours

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; every week; days can be moved according to flight schedule.

Inclusions in price

3 days program; 3 days insurance; Instructors/marine Biologists/Trainers from Dolphin Bay; all taxes and local fees.


No cancelation fee applies if canceled more than 24 hours prior to event. For cancelations less than 24 hours prior to event a fee of 1 blue block applies.

Minimum Number of Participants: 

Minimum number of participants is THREE  -  Age 6 yrs - 12 yrs. Maximum number of participants is TWELVE  -  Age 6 yrs - 12 yrs. Fish ’n Fins will provide one of their employees to support Dolphin Pacific staff members in their efforts during the program for 5 and more participants.


Lunch for the children is supplied by Barracuda our in-house restaurant. Please let us know dietary restrictions ahead of time, we are happy to accommodate your needs.

Booking Conditions:

Package rates are exclusively for families with children not older than 17 yrs. of age | Minimum booking - Accommodation booked with Fish 'n Fins, a mix of 8  Blocks - RED, BLUE or GREEN. 

Booking Period from February 01 until October 24, 2019. Travel Time from June 01 until October 31, 2019

Family Vacation Example Package

7 Nights Double Occupancy including breakfast, all transfers & local taxes at the hotel/resort of your choice - parents sharing one blue package and buying RED and GREEN Blocks according to the number of children.

Day 1 - Both Parent Diving - Kids in ECO RANGER boot camp

Day 2 - Both Parent Diving - Kids in ECO RANGER boot camp

Day 3 - Both Parent Diving - Kids in ECO RANGER boot camp

Day 4 - Off Road Jungle Tour for the whole family 

Day 5 - Rock Island Tour with Milky Way for the whole family

Day 6 - Relaxed Kayaking Tour for the whole family 

Day 7 - Walking around Koror and relaxing at the beach/pool

All activities include transportation, guide & lunch/snack/water. Activities do not include state & national park fees.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Fish 'n Fins' Aqua Kids Palau Program | Accommodations | Scuba Building Blocks

--- Fish 'n Fins - Always one idea ahead ---

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