Shark School Palau 2021

Join us for SharkSchool Palau from March 23 - 30, 2021 and learn everything you always wanted to know about diving with sharks from the world's leading authority and pioneer in shark‐human interaction Erich Ritter Ph.D.

SharkSchool Palau

SharkSchool was established more than 15 years ago in Miami, Florida as the educational division of the Shark Education & Research Center in the Bahamas. Its main purpose is to bring humans closer to sharks, focusing on how to interact with them and to emphasize their crucial position and importance in the marine realm. 

The two main pillars of SharkSchool are 

Ongoing scientific research on 

Shark behavior Shark accidents

Providing water sport, nature and shark enthusiasts the possibility 

for safe and truly fascinating encounters with various shark species all over the world
and exciting edutainment on sharks in general and human‐shark‐interaction in particular. 

Head of SharkschoolTM and pioneer – Erich K. Ritter 

SharkSchoolTM is run by Erich K. Ritter. He has a Ph.D. from Zurich University in “Behavioral Ecology” and is the world's leading authority and pioneer in shark‐human interaction specialist.

He did his post-doc at the University of Miami's Rosenschiel School. He taught field courses for students, naturalists and divers in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Maldives, Egypt, Palau, Fiji, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Africa, Galapagos and Hawaii and is continuously exploring new destinations for human‐shark‐encounters. He conducts his field research primarily in the Northern Abacos, the Bahamas at the "Shark Education & Research Center" (SERC). 

Erich teaches divers, snorkelers, rescue swimmers and others how to interact with sharks, what to look for when entering the water and most importantly how to feel safe among sharks. He functions as a case investigator of the Shark Research Institute's GSAF (Global Shark Attack File). He is also the chairman of SAVNTM, the Shark Accident Victim Network, and non‐for‐profit organization to help shark victims. He is giving lectures worldwide and was guest on many different TV shows, including a quick appearance in the movie SharkWater ( 

Ritter's main expertise is the body language of sharks, with a major interest in shark accidents and their causes. Ritter is considered the top authority and pioneer in shark‐human interaction. He developed the first concept (ADORE‐SANE) for swimmers, divers, and snorkelers that allows safe interacting with any shark species under different conditions. He has spent the last twelve years collecting data from different shark species around the world. Besides some reef species, his primary focus is on bull sharks, lemon sharks, and white sharks. All his lectures, classes and workshops he teaches in English and German. 

The Science behind Shark‐Human‐Interaction 

Shark Behavior / ADORE‐SANE 

Erich Ritter is specialized in shark behavior. Dangerous situations are always created knowingly, unknowingly or by 3rd parties. To understand a situation is the core of every workshop taught. That is one of the main reason's why Erich Ritter developed ADORE‐SANE, the world's first and only shark‐human interaction concept to not just quantify and qualify every situation but likewise to understand the factors that influence a shark the most. 

Thanks to Erich Ritter’s work, many old theories on shark behavior are proven to be outdated and simply wrong. Thus, also various inventions with a suggested shark‐repelling‐effect or common safety recommendations had been proven useless or even counter‐productive. 

Accident forensic 

Erich Ritter is the only shark expert to recreate many of the typical accident scenarios with the respective species. His understanding of potential reasons for shark accidents opened new doors in this field of research. Many of the old theories of why sharks bite have been erased through his experiments and new ideas for accident prevention proposed. 

The Experience of Human‐Shark‐Interaction Shark Diving 

The only precondition for your participation is that you can swim and are interested in sharks. Challenge yourself by meeting a fascinating creature in its natural habitat, knowing that it is a top predator and physically undoubtedly superior. Once you understand shark behavior you will lose your fear and win a much broader perspective of yourself. Furthermore, you will always be able to encompass the situation of a shark encounter and act/react based on sound knowledge, and not on assumptions or emotions (such as trained fear of sharks). So the encounters will be joyful and safe. 


Find out how sharks really are and clean up with the misleading picture that mass media, tragic accidents and horror movies like "Jaws" are creating. Sharks are truly fascinating, superior predators. You will learn to interpret their body language, evaluate situations of the encounter, understand the sharks‘ social life and even their individual characteristics, personality and actual mood. Once you have started to really look at them with Erich Ritter’s background information, you will be awestruck by their beauty and perfection. 

Shark Conservation 

Those who got to know sharks will want to support their conservation. By sharing his passion for sharks and by teaching every interested person about them, Erich is raising public awareness about how important sharks are for the oceans and therewith for life on this planet. His indefatigable, scientifically based advocacy for sharks is continuously creating more shark lovers and shark protectors. 

"... there is no such thing as dangerous sharks, only dangerous situations. This fact must be made public... for the sake of the animals and our children... once mankind can get rid of its fear from sharks, then sharks can be protected... the overfishing and slaughtering of sharks is one of the biggest ecological time bombs of our time and the consequences will have a devastating effect ‐ not just for nature but mankind as well... the conscious interaction with sharks is an important tool for their better understanding..." Dr. Erich Ritter 

SharkSchool Palau - Fish 'n Fins Palau - Shark Sites of Palau

SharkSchool Palau - The Workshop Interaction I & II 

All workshops revolve around ADORE-SANE, the world's first and only shark-human interaction concept. 

Interaction I 

This workshop focuses on the interaction aspects of different shark species. It will be taught what to look for when facing a shark, which factor(s) influence(s) the situation the most and how to interpret an encounter. Everything learned in the classroom will also be tried and tested with and among free-roaming sharks within changing situations to give a thorough introduction to different scenarios. 

• Introduction to ADORE-SANE
• Daily in-water exercises (related to ADORE-SANE)
• Detailed introduction in shark behavior and interaction with sharks

• Overview of shark accidents, their analysis, and interpretation
Do’s & don’ts 

Interaction II 

• Daily lectures on ADORE-SANE
• Daily in-water exercises on shark-human interaction (related to lectures given) • Interpretation of signaling among sharks
• In-water recreation of accident scenarios
• Additional exercises while snorkeling, free diving and scuba diving

Cost of the course 

The course includes 5 daily seminars. USD600.00 per person add-on to your Fish ’n Fins 7 Nights/5 Dive Day Package - click here to book Palau's Best Price Hotel & Dive Package

Shark Conservation

Those who get to know sharks will want to support their conservation. By sharing his passion for sharks and by teaching every interested person about them, Erich is raising public awareness about how important sharks are for the oceans and for life on this planet. 

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