21st Annual Shark Week Palau 2023

Shark Week Palau

Shark Week Palau HISTORY

To advocate shark protection and research, in 2002  Tova Harel Bornovski, Navot Bornovski and Capt. Kenneth Johnny established the Micronesian Shark Foundation, a non-profit, non-government organization. The idea was to facilitate the study of sharks throughout Micronesian waters, particularly in Palau, to further shark protection in Micronesia and other countries. The Foundation was carried by the dedication and hard work of its founders. The Government of Palau, especially Koror State, has taken a lead role in conservation management and environmental protection and has supported the Foundation right from its start. In its dedication to science and shark protection the Micronesian Shark Foundationteamed up with The National Geographic Society,  the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and Stanford University.

Due to the exceptional conservation efforts of Palau, which declared Palau a Shark Sanctuary in 2009 and continuous efforts to protect its islands and waters, our ocean is rich with fish and healthy corals - an ideal location to collect data, which has not only relevance for Palau and Micronesia but more for the whole globe and conservation specialists and scientists internationally.

The main supporter through all the years of the Foundations existence was and is Palaus premium dive operator Fish n Fins, which has supported the foundation by contributing boats and fuel, equipment, vast amounts of man hours of their staff, logistic support and a base center for the foundation. Fish n Fins as the foundations main contributor is and has been a role model in engagement in environmental protection and local community activities.

To receive third party funding for our work is a commitment not only to Micronesia and its shark research, it is a commitment to global conservation efforts and the understanding and protection of sharks worldwide. Considering that roughly one third of all sharks (per IUCN red list) are threatened to extinction or have already disappeared from our planet makes our work more relevant and important than ever. Fish ’n Fins as the main sponsor of the conservation efforts of the Micronesian Shark Foundation initiated in 2002 the Shark Week Palau to share its findings with shark enthusiasts and gain funding for new projects.

Citizen Science

Citizen Science is by definition the gathering and examination of information about the natural world by members of the public, usually as part of a collaboration with qualified scientists. In order to collect data for above mentioned scientists and institution Fish ’n Fins has been active for many years now and has spent substantial amounts of money to help protect Palau’s sharks and further science.

As part of Shark Week we are inviting our guests to help collect data during the 5 dive days, which will be processed after Shark Week and shared with our scientific team.

On the first day of each Shark Week Palau Fish ’n Fins’ director Tova Hare Bornovski will introduce you as participant to our Citizen Science approach.

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Dedication to Education

Citizen Science to collect data, sharing data with scientists raising awareness for shark conservation through Shark Week Palau is however just one part of the equation. The other one is the distribution of “shark study materials” for kinds between 11 and 12 years of age. Kids who are eager to learn more about sharks and teach their parents and grandparents about the importance of sharks for their future. Hence our team visits every year schools in Palau and other parts of Micronesia to bring books, especially designed for them by the Micronesian Shark Foundation and other study materials.

Shark Week Palau - the Event 

Shark Week Palau takes place from March 15-22, 2023 at Fish ’n Fins in Malakal, Palau. After an opening ceremony and the receipt of your Shark Week t-shirt we will dive daily Palau’s most amazing shark sites during the day and meet after some rest at Barracuda Restaurant for seminars and meetings with local and sometimes international conservation experts, fun, drinks and finger food. The event is finally concluded with a big gala dinner and the showing of our annual Shark Week video, as usual produced by our in-house video pro Udi Bornovski

Is Shark Week Palau for you?

If you love diving with sharks at one of the world’s best dive destinations and first shark sanctuary, you are almost qualified ;-) - if you feel that you want to spend time with other shark enthusiasts and contribute with your Citizen Science effort and your contribution to shark week to help our continued work collecting more information to protect our sharks and marine environment, then you have to book right away :-)

Special features of the 2023 event

In 2023 well invite all Shark Week Palau participants to take part in a short video competition which will be awarded with small prizes - from GoPro to PRO camera, everyone has the same chance. At the end of SHARK WEEK PALAU 2023, well organize as usual a gala night with a festive Palauan buffet, where you can meet local conservationists. We also present the SHARK WEEK PALAU 2023 video and crown the winner of the short video competition.

Booking Shark Week Palau

How can you book your Shark Week Adventure? It’s just a click away. To start with find the right accommodation for you - we are certain that one of the following accommodations will be perfect for you - Palau Pacific ResortPalau Royal ResortCove ResortSea Passion HotelPalasia HotelPalau Hotel and VIP Hotel. Once ready to book add your arrival and departure date, your selected hotel and room category, tours and additional dives in case of you’ll stay longer and of course the 2023 Shark School Dive Package. 

Book Diving & Activities > Activity Category>Package Deals>Shark Week 2023 without hotel>Amount of Participants (#Pax)>Amount of Packages (=1 per participants). You get a copy of your booking by email and our reservations manager John will get in contact with you during the following days to see if everything is fine, or you’ll need some additional things for your trip. 28 days prior to your trip we’ll send you a check-in link and a medical questionnaire. Once filled and in Palau adventure and fun may start without any annoying paperwork :-)