Fish Aggregation & Spawning Dives
Palau’s fish aggregations are unique in the world. These great "early morning" dives are based upon the moon phase. Shortly before a full moon and the new moon, hundreds or even thousands of different species of fish meet for an amazing spawning dance.

These breathtaking spawning events attract not only divers but also Palau’s large predators. A variety of sharks and other predatory fish accompany the event.

This dive is a MUST - since the best dive days are 2-3 days before the full and new moon, please check the MOON CALENDAR to book the right Fish’n Fins Dive Adventure Week.
Moorish Idol Spawning Dives
Moorish idols are known to accumulate and spawn between December and late January. The schools, which can consist of several hundred, race through Palau’s outer reefs and over slopes. The spectacle gets even better when groups of fish move away from the reef or to the surface to release eggs. This is the key trigger for sharks and other predators to hunt the Moorish Idols while they lack the protection of the reef.
Orange Spine Unicorn Fish Spawning Dives
Orange Spine Surgeon Fish are called doctor fish because of their razor-sharp spine, which they use to defend themselves against potential predators.

Every February, large groups of these wonderful fish flood the outer reefs of Palau. Of course, this mating dance of the unicorn doctor fish also attracts large predatory fish which are always on the lookout for easy prey. Really an unforgettable adventure.
Moon Phase
If you want to book a spawning dive, it is recommended to look at the moon phases. Spawning dives take place around the third day before a full and new moon. Plan ahead!
Spawning Dives
Spawning dives are "early morning" events and cost an extra $ 75.00 in addition to your dive package. Please book well in advance. Check the right moon phase! The dives depend on the phases of the moon!
Humphead Parrotfish Spawning Dives
Twin Spot Red Snapper Spawning Dives
Shortly before each FULL MOON, the Twin Spot Red Snappers gather in the early morning in their THOUSANDS. The snappers come from the surrounding areas and gather over the reef. When the tide begins to change, the fish rush to the surface and explosively release sperm and eggs. On numerous occasions we can observe large pelagic predatory fish such as bull sharks, silver tips and oceanic black tips, which see the schools of snappers as a welcome source of food.
Sailfin Snapper Spawning Dives
Sailfin snappers are commonly known as deep-water residents. However, a few times a year these fish gather on the shallow reef and aggregate to spawn. In the months of March / April / June a massive accumulation and a breathtaking spawning spectacle takes place in PELELIU, where tens of thousands of these fish meet. Please note that this dive depends on the moon phase and the tides, which is why it must be planned in advance.